“Imagination creates reality.”

R. Wagner

Stille trio

Flute, Viola and Harp


Stille trio, flute (Montse Briceño), viola (Estela Briceño) and harp (Jaume Gimeno), is a modern ensemble born in December 2016.

Stille trio is specialized in new compositions, world music and original repertoire for flute, viola and harp trio with a special interest in playing works not often play nowadays, as for instance musical works from early XX century or pieces written by women composers.

Concerts can be in a trio setting as well as multidisciplinary performances with artistic guest depend on repertoire.

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Discophonic Orchestra

Dance & Party music

Discophonic Orchestra

Relive old times with the best musicians on stage
The name Discophonic says it all: it is disco and symphonic in one!

Lex van Wel brings with his 30-strong Discophonic Orchestra unique dance & party music, as it was largely included in this line-up, now ‘LIVE on Stage’.

Enjoy live (still) the most amazing swingers of the past 100 years; Earth, Wind & Fire, ABBA, The Three Degrees, Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Boney M and many, many others. With 7 vocalists, 10 strings, 6 wind instruments and an extensive rhythm section, this grandiose orchestra is in full swing, which would have been a sensation even in the 70s / 80s.

Also the contemporary music, which fits perfectly into this genre, by Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Byoncé and many others, are provided with a Philly-sound jacket by Discophonic Orchestra.

A party for all generations: Feel young & crazy, let’s go Discophonic!

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Bonalma String Quartet

String quartet



Bonalma string quartet is a new and passionate ensemble specialized in world music.

Bonalma string quartet formed by four talented and versatile musicians: Paul Cristian Turcitu and Laura Rafecas, violins Estela Briceño Mezquita, viola and Jane Metso, cello.

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2 in1

Saxophone & Viola




2 in 1 is a  newborn solo project. Combining  2 instruments (saxophone and viola)  played by 1 artist, Estela. Original and only a few arrangement pieces from XVIII to XXI centuries will let you as listener travel and immerse in wonderful musical adventures.  This project aims to bring a new concept of the way solo concerts are conceived nowadays, combining diversity and richness of two very different worlds (string and woodwind instruments). What does bring to the listener to experience a solo concert with a different format? Let yourself experience it!



classical music and contemporary jazz



Chamber9 is an ensemble founded in 2019. The ensemble consists of 9 musicians, including 2 guitars, jazz vocals, string quartet and rhythm section.

The sensuous and elegant combination of ‘modern’ and ‘classical’ string instruments highlights their luscious beauty and warmth in harmonically rich arrangements, supported by a hard swinging rhythm section with on top the vocal power of one of Europe’s best jazz singers.

In this way we would like to take our audience on an artistic journey in the world of classical and contemporary jazz in the character of intimate yet exciting chamber music. For more info about this ensemble check this website  and follow us in our FB page.


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